Vision care can have a profound effect on the health and quality of life for the residents of long term care facilities:

  • The ability to perform activities of daily living is highly correlated to vision.
  • Virtually all residents have at least one eye problem, with over half having two or more problems.
  • Visual impairment is 13 to 15 times more common among nursing facility residents than others the same age.
  • Studies have found that 20% to 40% of residents showed marked improvement in vision after a complete eye examination.
  • An eye examination can provide early detection of some general health issues.

Benefit Frequency Limits:

  • Exam: once per 12 months
  • Frames: once per 12 months
  • Standard Lenses (pair): once per 12 months
  • Retinal Photograph: once per 12 months

Testing Preformed

  • Visual Acuity Test/Dilated Fundus Exams
  • Computerized Auto-Refraction
  • Glaucoma Testing
  • Portable Biomiroscopy-Slit Lamp (Cataract& Implant Evaluation)
  • Retinal Imaging equipment
  • Opthamoscopy (Retinal Evaluation)
  • Trial Lens Refraction
  • Fitting of Glasses when needed.

This type of testing checks for cataracts, the condition of implant if cataract has been performed, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinal disease, patient’s refraction along with examination of many lid diseases that greatly affect this patient population. A common problem in nursing care facilities is the large amount of conjunctivitis and lid infection that we are able to treat.

A Visual Analysis report of each patient will be filled out and given to the facility so they will have records of the examination results. For those patients who require spectacles they will be fitted and the frames will be engraved with their last name and first initial on the inside of the temple so future identification of the residents’ glasses is simplified.

Benefits to the Residents

  • Doctors come to the facility where the residents live.
  • Able to get the treatment they need and deserve.
  • Improved quality of life.
  • Fewer health issues – longer life span.