“Lilly”: St. Michael’s Place Canine Companion

The day Lilly came to St. Michael’s place was a very exciting day for us all. As she entered St. Michael’s the crowd of residents oohed and awed over her. The looks on their faces were unforgettable. Lilly made her way through the crowd stopping and checking out all of her surroundings. Every resident couldn’t wait to get their hands on her. What a party it was.

Since Lilly’s arrival, St. Michael’s Place hasn’t been the same. It feels more like a home than an institution. She greets each resident with a wag of the tail and a lick of the hand. As you walk through the facility you hear resident’s asking “where’s Lilly” or “come here Lilly”. She is always the topic of conversation. Lilly always makes her rounds through out the facility daily. Her best visits are when she jumps up in the bed with the resident to get her one on one love. She’s always ready to go full speed and play. The excitement that one can see from that resident watching her go get her toy and bring it back to them is priceless. When she is not out entertaining the residents, you can find her curled up in someone’s office chair getting her beauty sleep.  Most resident’s have the same routine everyday but with Lilly now added into the picture it has changed. You see more smiles and happiness throughout the facility. She can make a bad day turn good for all of us.

This decision to have a facility pet has been the best decision made by far. You can’t beat making your residents life a little more fulfilling by just adding one small canine. We may not be able to give the residents their home back but we are now able to add a special touch of home back to their lives. The old saying is true, “Dogs are a man’s best friend”.

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Ashley Thomley,
Administrator at St. Michael’s Place in Newport, AR