Frequently Asked Questions


Can you also see our private pay and total vendor residents?
Yes, we can. Please visit the section Fee for Service to learn how private pay and total vendors can be seen by the dentist.

Are the facilities responsible for paying or collecting past due premiums from the family?
No they are not. There may be times when SCS might need your help in a particular case with a family who may not be clear about the importance of an oral health care program.

How long does it take to get dentures?
We try to get the dentures back to the resident within 60 -90 days. Please review the Dentures Process flowchart for timeframes.

What can I expect during the OHMP visits?
Our dental assistants will come to your facility 6 times per year. These are oral health visits. Residents will be taught how to brush and floss more effectively, how to properly clean and apply adhesives for dentures. The staff is invited and encouraged to accompany the dental assistants on these visits for tips and instructions on proper oral health care.

 How do I get my in-service scheduled?
Contact the SDC office and have your in-service scheduled.

If you only can see 20 or so residents per visit, what happens if our facility has more than 20 who need to be seen?
We will schedule the dentist to return within a few weeks to see the remainder of the residents.

Let’s say the dentist was here yesterday. When can I expect the dentist to come back for the next routine visit so I can put it on our SDC poster?
If you contact the SDC office, we should be able to give you an tentative date for scheduling.

Do I call and schedule the OHMP visits?
No, the SDC office will contact you when the OHMP visit is ready to be scheduled.

If the dentist sees a resident and the resident needs extractions, when will the dentist return to do the work?  
The work for the residents will be scheduled to be done within the next four weeks if this is a new facility just getting on the program; otherwise, the procedure will be done on the next scheduled quarterly visit.

How often can a resident get dentures?
The insurance policy will cover a set of dentures once every three years.


How often can a resident get glasses?
The insurance policy will cover a pair of glasses once every year.