Brochures and Articles


Information for Residents on Medicaid Brochure
This brochure is a great tool for explaining how the Medicaid offset works in regards to the monthly premium payment for this Special Care Insurance Program. This brochure can help family members and facility staff better understand the process for Medicaid offsets.

Why Dental Why Vision Brochure
This brochure gives an explanation of why oral and eye exams are important when it comes to the overall health of the residents. Regardless if a resident has teeth, no teeth, or dentures, oral health care is extremely important in the prevention of other health related conditions. This brochure can be used to hand out to family members to give them a better understanding of the importance of this dental/vision program.

Special Care Insurance Program Brochure
This brochure explains the benefits of the program to a facility that is considering a more preventative comprehensive oral health program for their residents.

Dental Only

The Importance of Oral Care for Nursing Home Residents
Article written by Dr. Jackie Smith, DDS.
This article explains the importance of oral care for residents in nursing homes regardless if they have teeth, no teeth, or dentures.


Paws 4 Seniors

 Paws 4 Seniors Brochure
This  brochure provides the same information found on this website regarding the Paws 4 Seniors program but in a printed format.