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Your partner in care 

In November of 2004 Senior Care Solutions, LLC was formed to provide dental and vision care to residents living in nursing home facilities throughout Arkansas. The program was designed so that the residents could be seen inside the facility rather than having the residents transported to a dentist or eye doctor somewhere in the community. The program was also set up using an insurance program model which would minimize the amount of paperwork required for Medicaid offsets.

In 2011 Senior Dental Care, LLC was formed to serve as the management company for the dental program with Senior Care Solutions as the administrator.

The owner of Senior Care Solutions and Senior Dental Care saw the need for expanded resident services and so in the summer of 2012, SeniorWorks, LLC was founded to facilitate the addition of podiatry and audiology services to complement the current dental and vision programs. SeniorWorks, LLC now represents all four areas of service for nursing homes across the State of Arkansas.