Your Partner in Care

SeniorWorks is an innovative program in Arkansas,  providing routine and preventative healthcare for residents of long term care and assisted living facilities. 

Services provided On-site

Our trusted providers travel across the state to provide best-in-class care in the following areas.


vision services

Licensed optometrists bring portable equipment and visit patients in the facility to provide routine vision care.

Podiatry Services

Providers include licensed podiatrists, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses delivering services to residents.

audiology Services

Licensed Audiologist uses portable screening equipment and delivers audiology and ear care services to residents. 

Emotional and Behavioral Health

 Mental Health Professionals address and provide treatment for the various issues surrounding behavioral health in residents of long term care and assisted living facilities.

Dental services

Providers include dentists, registered dental hygienists, and dental assistants delivering services to nursing home residents, using state of the art portable equipment.