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How Are You Currently Addressing The Dental, Vision, Podiatry, and Ear Care/Audiology Care Needs of Your Residents?

Are your residents getting a broad range of in facility care – including glasses, hearing aids, preventative services, fillings, extractions, and dentures?

Are you addressing these needs in a reactive nature rather than proactive?

To get dental, vision, podiatry, and audiology care to their residents many facilities must transport the residents to a doctor in the community or nearby town. Finding a doctor who takes Medicaid and/or Medicare is becoming more of a challenge not to mention the liability risk of transporting residents outside the facility.

SeniorWorks, LLC understands the need for residents to have high quality dental, vision, podiatry and audiology care brought to them right inside their “home.” Having these services delivered inside the facility also reduces the time factor required for someone on the staff to transport the residents to the eye doctor, podiatrist, dentist, or audiologist during the day.

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Dental | Vision | Podiatry | Ear Care & Audiology