New Admission Enrollment

 New Admissions are those residents who can be enrolled into the Special Care Insurance Program at the time of their admission to the nursing home facility.

Usually the person responsible at the nursing home facility admitting new residents is in a position to educate the family members about the dental vision program and can get the application and EFT bank draft filled out and signed.

NOTE: If the resident is Medicaid pending, then “Medicaid Pending” should be written in the area under “Medicaid #”.

The application should then be faxed to the SCS office, but those applications in a Medicaid Pending status will not be processed  until the resident is in full Medicaid status.

It should be noted on the application if this new admission will be one of the following:

  • Facility Trust (acct 1000)
  • Family Trust where Facility Pays the Premium (acct. 2000)
  • Family Trust Family Makes Premium Payment bank draft (acct 3000)
  • Family Trust Direct Bill by family (account 3500)

The alternative in getting the new admissions enrolled is to do a “maintenance enrollment” every six months.

New Admissions Packets  can contain the following:

  1. Dental/Vision Insurance Application
  2. Bank Draft Form for Electronic Payment
  3. Why Dental Why Vision Brochure