Fee for Service

Policies and Procedures for Non Medicaid Residents of Nursing Home Facilities 

At the time of scheduling you will be asked if you have any on Medicaid residents who are having any oral health problems,= or just want to be seen by the dentist and are not on the Special Care Insurance program.

Fee For Service Price Schedule is available in this document for those needing to be seen.

After reviewing the price list and determining which exam would be the best for the resident, the facility should contact the Senior Dental Care office to make arrangements for the resident to be seen on the day of the dental visit.

For Private Pay Residents:

A Family Consent Form  must be completed and signed before the day of the dental visit. Payment for the services selected will be made to Senior Dental Care the day of the visit for basic exams.

On the day of the visit, the resident will be seen for an exam, so that the dentist can determine what treatment needs to be done. Any resident who is seen for a fee for service will be seen at the beginning of the day.

Once the exam is performed and further treatment is needed, a treatment invoice will be filled out and the family will be notified by Senior Dental Care of the necessary treatment and costs. At that time the family will need to give a verbal okay to SDC to perform the treatment as specified.

The invoice will be mailed to the family member for payment.

Total Vendor Residents:

The facility administrator (or family) must provide prior consent for the exam and treatment. The facility will be responsible for all costs associated with Total Vendor residents.

Upon Completion:

At the exit interview, the billing sheet and treatment record will be left at the facility. The residents’ charts will be taken to the office, and the formal billing statement will then be given to the facility for any work done that the facility will be responsible for paying.