Dental Visits

Senior Dental Care is the dental provider for the Senior Care Solutions program that provides in-facility oral/dental health care for the residents of your facility. We want to take the time to welcome you and provide you with information that will help you become acquainted with our dental team and what you should expect.

It is important that you read through this information to have a clear understanding of what we need from you and what you should expect from SDC.

Note: Before the dentist can visit your facility, three things must occur:

  1. 704s of the residents must be faxed or emailed to the SCS Administrative Office
  2. All premiums must be made current for each resident to be seen
  3. Minimum of 20 residents enrolled in the program.


About Us
Senior Dental Care (SDC) is based out ofLittle Rock and our dental teams provide in-facility dental care to residents in nursing home facilities throughout the state ofArkansas. We will visit your facility with state of the art portable dental equipment that allows us to perform nearly every procedure that can be performed in a traditional dental clinic.


Visits to Your Facility Include:

  • Dental Team visits quarterly (dental team consists of dentist and assistants.)
  • Oral Health Maintenance Program every 60 days
  • In- Service annually
  • Visits that can happen when we are in the area visiting other facilities


Typical Procedures Include:

 Procedures include but are not limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive dental examinations including digital radiography.
  • Basic and advanced level cleanings for treatment of periodontal disease.
  • Placement of fillings in teeth with decay.
  • Fabrication and repair of dentures. (resident must be on program 6 months  to get dentures)
  • Simple extractions of problematic teeth.


Note: Extraction procedures are those we approach with caution. As we are all aware, many residents who will be seen are of compromised general health, and many are on numerous medications that may either prolong bleeding or create a concern of cardiac nature, among other things.   It is our protocol that all patients recommended for an extraction will require a medical consult with their primary care physician. This merely consists of a questionnaire we will fill out and leave for the physician to answer any specific questions or address any concerns on their part for recommended treatment, prior to that treatment being performed.

What SDC Needs From You

On days that we will visit your facility, we will need the following items (as outlined in the Dental Services Agreement):

  • Contact person at the facility for scheduling dental visits
  • Room of adequate size that will accommodate 3-4 of our dental team, dental chair, and the portable equipment
  • 1-2 bedside tables
  • 1 long table
  • At least one Geri chair
  • Access to running water and sink
  • 12 towels
  • 6 sheets
  • Services of a CNA or facility staff person to transport and transfer residents from wheel chairs to treatment chairs as needed by their level of dependence.

Note: Anytime our dental team comes to your facility, it is imperative that a member of your staff (CNA or otherwise) be available for resident transport while our assistants and/or dentist are examining your residents for the regular scheduled dental visits. When the dental assistants are there for the OHMP, a CNA needs to be present so the CNAs can get instructions on how to do oral maintenance health checks and for resident transport to the exam room.

Note: It is imperative that the area where the dental team is located is in an area of privacy for the individual resident receiving treatment. A room with a door that can be closed or perhaps provide a partition that can be used for privacy.

Note: As residents in nursing home facilities do not wear identification wrist bands, it is imperative that a member of the facility staff assist our dental team with identification of residents and provide assistance for those residents refusing treatment. 

List of Residents to Be Seen

Approximately three weeks before a scheduled visit, SDC will email to your facility the list of residents who will be seen by the dental team. We prefer to send this email to at least two contacts at the facility to make sure that the information has been received as some residents may need to be off certain meds before procedures like extractions can be done.

Note: In order for a resident to be seen by the dentist, all premiums for that resident must be currently paid.

Family Consent

Some dental procedures like extractions will require Family Consent. The Family Consent Form must be signed by the family and e-mailed or faxed to the SDC office prior to the dental visit.

Private Pay and Total Vendor Residents

The SDC dental team can see your private pay and total vendor residents during the scheduled routine visits. When the resident list is emailed to your facility, you must let the SDC office know if you would like to add any private pays or total vendors. Private pays have a fee for service price schedule, and SDC will offer a complimentary oral exam for your total vendors.

Exit Interview

After all residents have been seen, the SDC dental team will conduct an exit interview with either the SSD, DON, Administrator or whoever is appointed by the facility to go over the dental treatment records with the dentist. The dental team will also inquire about the nature of the visit, how it went, (i.e. on time, cleanliness, etc.)  We always appreciate any suggestions you can offer that would make our next visit to the residents’ home more beneficial.