Ear Care and Audiology

Audiology Provider: Dr. Tammy Dunn-Vanover

Nursing home residents can now have the benefit of having an Ear Care Maintenance Program inside your facility. The problems associated with earwax buildup become more common as we age. Dryness of the skin occurs including the ear canal. This dry skin inhibits earwax from draining naturally. As people age, it is common to experience a heavier growth of cilia (tiny hairs in the ear).The additional cilia may lead to excessive earwax and excessive ear wax can lead to hearing loss and middle ear infections. Inner ear issues are a contributing factor to falls for nursing home residents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , falls among older adults cost the U.S. health care system over  $30 billion a year.


Scope of services will include:

Ear Care (Twice a Year)

  • Routine Medical Ear Exam
  • Routine Ear Cerumen Removal

Audiologic Function Tests (Once a Year)

  • Pure tone audiometry: air and bone
  • Speech audiometry threshold
  • Speech audiometry with speech recognition
  • Comprehensive audiogram
  • Tympanometry
  • Acoustic reflex testing

Hearing Aids
(Once every two years waiting period 6 months)

  • Electroacoustic evaluation for hearing aids once a year
  • Earmold impressions once in two years
  • Binaural aid with  up to 50 batteries per six months
  • Monaural aid with up to 50 batteries per six months
  • Electroacoustic evaluation for hearing aid once per year
  • Hearing Aid Programming  three times per year