You should receive your statement around the 1st or the 5th of each month. The statements are generated on the 25th of the previous month. Citizens will start generating statements once the offset is sent to DHS. (i.e., Application is signed on 10/12/12, offset is sent to DHS for an 11/1/12 effective date, on 11/25/12 Citizens will then start sending a statement to your facility, even though you may not have received the 704 yet). It can take 30-90 days before DHS approves an offset.

When you do receive your statement please indicate on each resident that you do not have a 704 on so Citizens will know not to apply payment on that resident.

Once you notify the SCS office that you are receiving the 704’s please fax them to the SCS office at 501-821-4311. SCS notifies Citizens of the exact effective date so that the policy can go into effect.

Please draw a line through the resident’s name if you have not received the 704 or if the resident has expired or transferred to another location.

Make a note as to why you are drawing a line through the resident’s name. Add up the total amount that you are not paying on this statement (because of no 704 approval or expired/transferred) from the total premium due bottom of the statement and this is the amount you owe for this month.

The majority of the residents will have an effective date of the (Ex: 04/01/12). Citizens will process the first bill on the 25th of the month prior to the estimated effective date. That first billing statement should be received at your facility around the 1st through the 3rd of that month. Any terminations or additions received after the 25th of the month will not be reflected until the following month’s bill.

 A sample invoice is provided at the end of this section for further explanation.


Once an account is 30 days past due, Senior Care Solutions will either contact the facility if the facility gets the resident’s check or if the family if they handle the resident’s money. If the account continues to be past due without resolution, that resident will no longer be seen by the dentist or eye doctor until the account is resolved.


Once the account is 60 Days past due services will no longer be provided and the policy will be cancelled due to nonpayment